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Types of Chocolate Fountains

There are a great many types of chocolate fountains and when it comes to choosing between the varieties available, it's not easy! With so many flavors, sizes and even colors, chocolate fountain hire is a great way to host a truly unforgettable event. However, when it comes to choosing between the many delectable options, sometimes you end up just hiring them all!

Today, there are typically a number of different types of chocolate fountains aimed to cater for varying group sizes. You have fountains designed to cater for small groups of 50 or more and also larger versions suitable for large gatherings of up to 500 people! The good news is you can choose between all sorts of flavors of chocolate.

One of the best things about the types of chocolate fountains is that when you hire a chocolate fountain, you're getting a commercial grade, high quality product which can stand as high as 42" and flow with up to 50 pounds of chocolate! Once you see a chocolate fountain, you'll be both surprised and awestruck by the sheer size of this magnificent contraption.

With three main flavors of chocolate available, many hire companies have created all sorts of flavors from the three main types of chocolate fountains chocolate. While chocolate is typically dark, white or milk, it's also possible to change the color and flavor. Strawberry chocolate, liqueur chocolate and pink chocolate are all popular ideas that are much easier to accomplish than you'd think!

A chocolate fountain is the ultimate centerpiece for your event and the various types of chocolate fountains all look spectacular. By hiring a chocolate fountain, you can be assured that your guests will be amazed at not just the size of the thing, but also the sheer volume of chocolate it can produce. With almost an endless supply, many will be in chocolate heaven.

Today, chocolate fountain hire is both affordable and cheap, providing you with the perfect way to brighten up a celebration or even a corporate event. The various types of chocolate fountains usually include delivery, chocolate and a range of dips. Depending on the numbers at your event, the company you choose will be able to recommend the most appropriate types of chocolate fountains and more likely than not, they will provide a fully managed chocolate dining experience.

Hire usually includes delivery, set-up and waiter service, making the choice of a chocolate fountain more affordable than many set menus. Even if it were more expensive, the spectacular site of a chocolate fountain more than makes up for the hire cost. Your guests may initially be awestruck, and at the end of the night, they will most certainly be dreaming of chocolate for weeks if not months!

A chocolate fountain is the ultimate experience. By taking advantage of the various types of chocolate fountains available, you can hire a fountain and amaze everyone. With all sorts of choices available, hire typically lasts four hours, the question is, can you last?

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