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Chocolate Fountain Hire in the USA

We all love chocolate. It's simply delicious and if you've ever seen a chocolate fountain, then you'll have to agree that it's an almost unforgettable experience. This huge towering chocolate contraption is hard to describe, and photos don’t even do it justice, but once you've seen it for yourself, you'll be in full agreement just how special a chocolate fountain at your event can be.

Chocolate fountain hire in the USA is growing rapidly and as more and more people see the spectacle for themselves, they're looking for ways to hire their own fountains of liquid chocolate. With the capability to feed hundreds, a chocolate fountain provides you with a rather unique center point for almost any event, and it also lets you indulge your guests in fine Belgian chocolate while they dine on luxury dips such as marshmallows, donuts and even more.

Today, chocolate fountain hire in the USA starts at around $300 for a basic tower, and many companies provide a fully waited-on service for your guests. With a number of dips provided, all you need to do is to choose your flavor, color and ensure that you're ready for an unforgettable experience. Chocolate fountain hire in the USA is quite the experience for first timers, and it'll be the conversation point of the whole evening as your guests enjoy the liquid goodness emanating from the tower standing in the middle of the room.

As beautiful as it is delicious, chocolate fountain hire in the USA is great for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. In fact it's fantastic at almost any event that has more than fifty people attending as it really is a remarkable sight. What's even better is that compared to paying for a dessert menu, chocolate fountain hire in the USA can also be considerably cheaper.

Today, chocolate fountain hire in the USA operates almost nationwide. With so many companies to choose from, it's important to get a good deal so that you can ensure your guests have enough time to indulge. Depending on the hire company you choose, rates may be for a three hour period or alternatively longer. Whichever company you choose, it's important to also check that you get a large enough fountain, because your guests will keep coming back for seconds, thirds… in fact they won't stop!

Chocolate fountain hire in the USA is an unforgettably fun and intimate experience. This all started with the fondue craze so many years ago, and even today, chocolate fountains are still evolving. While chocolate fountains are certainly the most popular, we've even seen cheese fountains before and countless variations! However, it is chocolate fountains which remain popular because there's nothing quite like the taste and aroma of high quality Belgian chocolate.

With chocolate fountain hire in the USA be prepared to get spoiled, because after you've experienced a fountain at your event, you may very well become addicted. With so many flavors and so many possibilities, when it comes to a chocolate fountain, the only limit is your imagination.

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