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Chocolate Fountain Hire FAQs

When considering hiring a chocolate fountain, many people initially have quite a few questions. In attempts to answer them, many chocolate fountain hire FAQS exist but sometimes they fail to answer the most important questions. Here; we'll try to answer the most popular questions so that you can imagine just how spectacular this innovative idea really is. Take a look below for our chocolate fountain hire FAQS

Is Chocolate Fountain Hire Affordable?

Chocolate fountain hire is getting more and more affordable as people look to find creative ways to make their events unique. It's getting cheaper by the minute as more companies pop-up providing this truly spectacular service. With prices being highly affordable per head, chocolate fountain hire is a great way to indulge. Before you book however, it's important to check out the chocolate fountain hire FAQS so you know exactly how much it's going to cost and most importantly what you're letting yourself in for!

What's Typically Included?

When booking a chocolate fountain, typically everything you need to enjoy high quality and delicious chocolate is included in the service charge. Prices usually include delivery, set-up, dips and also waiters ready to serve you chocolate. However chocolate fountain hire bookings are typically done in four hour blocks meaning that you have just four hours to eat as much as you like. Additional chocolate is sometimes free, but be sure to check the chocolate fountain hire FAQS first.

How can I Find the Best Deal?

With more and more hire companies appearing online, it's getting easier to find great deals and bargains. One of the best things to do is to search around for a good provider by looking at their chocolate fountain hire FAQS and testimonials to find a company that can provide you with the ultimate Chocolate fountain experience.

Is Chocolate Fountain Hire Suitable For Everyone?

As chocolate fountain hire inevitably gets more and more popular, companies are appearing with Halal and Kosher fountains. Chocolate fountains typically use the best Belgian chocolate and typically a range of dips to choose from.

How Large is a Chocolate Fountain?

With fountains ranging from 27" up to 44", a chocolate fountain really is quite the spectacle. When you hire a chocolate fountain, you're going to be pleasantly surprised when you see just how large this flowing river of chocolate really is. With a chocolate fountain, you can serve from 50 people up to 500! With numerous flavors available, a great idea is to hire two. Usually you can get a discount for the second fountain making it an affordable way to add variety to your event. However be sure to check the chocolate fountain hire FAQS first!

Chocolate fountain hire is a great way to have an unforgettable event and it's a tasty, aroma-filled experience for everyone. With a chocolate fountain, your event becomes creative, memorable and truly delicious. With so many companies now offering hire, there are many deals to be had if you look around and check out the various chocolate Fountain Hire FAQS which exist.

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